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Jason Whitehead

Founder @ SuccessChain

Todd & Van are Great!

They walked us through one of their Journey mapping exercises for our strategy & it was a fantastic use of time & money (we identified our blind spots, figured out where our priorities are & shifted our focus to grow our business).

I HIGHLY recommend it.

Our Mission

Unprecedented challenges & uncertainties in today’s economy demand unprecedented solutions -- which is what RSS brings to your business.

Combining 50+ years of expertise in traditional management consulting with the most advanced, revolutionary technology available, RSS provides the tools & talent to analyze your company’s strategic priorities, identify needed changes, and implement these changes.

In short, our mission is to help small businesses increase their financial and cultural health, by fully engaging the power of their employees. And we're able to do it at a fraction of the cost usually associated with management consulting.

How? We see what most of our competitors don't (think "Moneyball for business"). And like the movie, this allows us to deliver better results, consistently, at a fraction of the cost.

If want great results without breaking the bank, contact us to see if it makes sense to use our edge to sharpen yours.


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Managing Partner


Van Fleisher

Senior Partner


Nick Ritchey


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